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END, Stick To Your Guns, Twitching Tongues and more feature on compilation to free Palestine

A Homeland Denied

A comprehensive 121-track benefit compilation available on Bandcamp titled A Homeland Denied: A Compilation For The Palestinian Liberation, featuring END, Stick To Your Guns, Twitching Tongues, and more (full list below).

Going for €10 EUR, all proceeds from the compilation go to MECA for Peace, which aims to provide humanitarian aid to Palestinian youth in Gaza.

The compilation features contributions ranging from exclusive new songs, live recordings, remixes, to previously released tracks, and is meant to serve as a collective demonstration of support for the people of Gaza and raising awareness about their ongoing challenges.

"A HOMELAND DENIED: A Compilation for Palestinian Liberation" is out on bandcamp NOW. We are proud to announce this massive hardcore (and adjacent) benefit compilation to send urgent aid to Palestinian children in Gaza.

All profits will be donated to MECA for Peace to send humanitarian aid to Palestinian youth in Gaza.

More than 115 bands from all over the world (big, small and even brand new ones) came together for this project offering unique contributions (new exclusive songs, live recordings, remixes, some released tracks, etc.), to show a unified message of solidarity to the people of Gaza who are facing a genocide of unprecedented proportions. The hardcore scene must show that our values are not empty words but deep convictions: we walk the talk.

The mission statement reads:

For over 75 years, the people of Palestine have been suffering ethnic cleansing, systemic displacement, exploitation, illegal occupation and genocidal practices in their own homeland, under a bloody apartheid regime by the Israeli settler colonial project. 

What started with the British colonization of Palestine at the beginning of the 20th century, turned into a violent land grab by the Zionist settlers, which threw the region into turmoil for its native inhabitants, who had been coexisting in relative peace for centuries. Those forced out of their land and living in exile all over the world, their children and grandchildren, are all denied their internationally lawful right to return to their own homes and land that has been brutally stolen from them and appropriated by the Zionist colonial entity. 

The people of Gaza, most being refugees of the Nakba and their descendants, half of which are children (53.5% with PTSD pre-Oct. 7th), have been living in "the world's bigger open air prison" akin to a massive concentration camp, due to a 16 year total blockade of land, sea and sky and are under constant siege, with restricted electricity, water and food. 

Contemporaneously, 2023 was the deadliest on record for Palestinians in the West Bank well-before the events of October 7th. We oppose the killing of civilians anywhere and mourn their deaths, but it is foolish to believe this violence from the oppressed exists in a vacuum. The West Bank saw dozens of day-long pogroms, village burnings, thousands of illegal settlement expansions, multiple bombings of hospitals and schools in refugee camps, collective punishment, all war crimes, product of the most far-right, openly fascist Israeli government in history, which has continuously and openly stated their goals of wiping Palestinians off the map. Today, the Gazans are facing a devastating genocide of unprecedented speed and proportions, with one of the highest rates of deaths in history: more than at least 24.000 people (plus 8.000+ missing trapped under the rubble), including at least 10.400 children, have been brutally murdered by the Israeli Occupation Forces in the 100 days since the brutal retaliation by Hamas on Oct. 7th. More than 1 in 100 Gazans murdered in only 3 months, hundreds of families completely wiped off the population registry, and the highest number of journalists killed (113) in a single "conflict" in modern history. According to Save the Children, the number of children killed in Gaza in just the first 3 weeks of the assault has surpassed the annual number of children killed across the world's conflict zones since 2019. 

Palestinians are being slaughtered indiscriminately by bombs produced and handed out by the western states, fully enabling the Israeli genocide machine with the cannon fodder necessary to continue their shared colonialist project in the area. 

For all of the above, it is our moral duty now, like it was for decades before and it will be until Palestinians are liberated, to do everything in our power to provide aid to those in need, protest, spread awareness, organize and take direct action to halt the imperialist war industry. We advocate for freedom, equality and liberation for all in the region. 

If you wonder what you would've done during slavery or the apartheid in South Africa, what you're doing now is what you would've done then. This is a fight against colonialism and against imperialism. It's a fight for justice, for human rights, for liberation. Being on the right side of history once history is past is not only useless, it's betrayal, it's complicit and it's lethal. 



A Homeland Denied: A Compilation For The Palestinian Liberation tracklist:

  1. Racetraitor - Policy Of Hell
  2. Stick To Your Guns - Hasta La Victoria (Demo)
  3. Maran - Dar Al-Qahr • دار القهر
  4. Twitching Tongues - Feed Your Disease (Live in Tokyo)
  5. Escalate - No Absolution
  6. Move - Black Radical Love
  7. Times of Desperation - They Suffer (Demo)
  8. Caged - Lie
  9. Cloud Rat - Aluminum Branches // Delayed Grief // Seven Heads (Live in Bristol)
  10. Clava - Primavera das Rosas Negras
  11. END - The Sin of Human Frailty
  12. Malignant - Unrestrained (feat. Cosmo of Contention)
  13. Temple Guard - Sermon for Retribution
  14. Bellum Veritas - Break Through
  15. Terminal Nation - How Will You Be Remembered?
  16. TRUExFEELING - Prevail
  17. Initiate - Amend
  18. xapothecaryx - Indignant
  19. Divine Hatred - Hell On Earth
  20. Hour of Reprisal - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
  21. xRISALEx - Laying Waste to Empires (Remastered)
  22. ASkySoBlack - Wear It So Well
  23. Ballista - Banquet for Rats (feat. Ging)
  24. Punitive Damage - Strike Back
  25. Dodge This! - The Unceasing Quest For Balance (Demo)
  26. Fading Signal - Toy Soldier
  27. - Automatic Intifada
  28. Gamma Sector - Dragging Cracked Knuckles (Demo)
  29. Heavy//Hitter - Paved in Blood
  30. Shades of War - King No More (Live)
  31. Ikhras - The River
  32. Shooting Daggers - Not My Rival
  33. XIAO - Tourette's
  34. Dead At Birth - Left For Dead
  35. Beyond Reform - WWHC
  36. Naedr - Gehenna
  37. Coma Regalia - Doomscrolled
  38. No Plan - Familiar Stories
  39. Eyeteeth - Trauma Void
  40. Primitive Rage - Illusion of Love
  41. Game Changer - End It All
  42. Thou - Lonely Vigil (Demo)
  43. .gif from god - empty grave, shallow mind, i'm still alive but my head is full of shit
  44. Iron Deficiency - Illusion of Choice
  45. Hard Mind - Retaliation
  46. BODYBAG - Our View of You (Live at Revenge)
  47. Consequence - Fencewalker Blues
  48. ONE - The Killers Of Children (Demo)
  49. Karnabahar - Çıkar, Kan
  50. Piri Reis - When Life Hand You Grenade
  51. Confused - Black World (feat. Haris Deaflock)
  52. Drops - RYS Legacy
  53. Every Promise Kept - Unfathomable Inhumanity
  54. Cohésion - Clouded Eyes (Demo)
  55. Fuck It... I Quit! - Bloodstained Horizons
  56. Pogo's Clubhouse - T.D.D.B.
  57. Persecutor - The Wretched of the Earth / Military Issue (Live)
  58. xRitualx - Resplandor (Alternate Version)
  60. Bound 2 Break - Real Deal
  61. CITRUS - No Thanks (Live at Timo's Condo)
  62. Forward To Eden - Another Day In Babylon
  63. Kin Corruption - First to Lust
  64. No Half Measures - Ignition of Emotion
  65. Never-Trust - What I Despise
  66. No Relief - Day By Day
  67. Migrant Fury - Cockfight
  68. Calcine - Relentless
  69. Epicrisis - Gerontratic Carcinoma (Escape from Ward 34)
  70. X Invictus X - BBB
  71. Mazandaran - White Demon
  72. Short Fuse - Sandstorm
  73. Hands Upon Salvation - Flames of Discontent (feat. Made Warmouth)
  74. Burn It All - Not My Pain
  75. Spiruline - A Fuse to Light
  76. Emergency Broadcast - Dead Wrong (Remastered)
  77. VNIMAL - Herbivore Supremacy
  78. xDevourx - Slave Morality
  79. Rugged - Crematory Fumes
  80. Dispute - Refuse to Lose
  81. geronimostilton - emo bullshit
  82. Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux - fils de flic (Live)
  83. My Turn - Search For Light
  84. Jamais Vu - SEL NISTA
  85. Esconder Micara - Chimera
  86. Throwing Bricks - Galling (Live at Can of Worms)
  87. Senserase - Ape
  88. KnifeLighter - Otokoyuh
  89. Detestment - Purgatory
  90. Colossal Man - But A Dream
  91. Time X Heist - Keep On Fighting
  92. Without Love - Common Enemy
  93. Psycorepaths - World Domination
  94. Snake Father - Mental Intruder
  95. Lost Cause - Sick Society
  96. Grey Market - Bats (Live)
  97. Ontaard - Last Words (Live at Can of Worms)
  98. RÄV - Disgusting Instincts
  99. Sentience - The Death of Grass
  100. Beartrap - Drowned
  101. No Business - Chains
  102. Tears Of Joy - Bastard
  103. Choke on Regret - Dominion (Demo)
  104. QUIET - Blood (Demo)
  105. Body Piler - Görünmez El (Demo)
  106. Pothole - Pigs Earwax
  107. Birth of Manuel - Edward WD40 Hands (Live at Can of Worms)
  108. Gradual Slıp - Burnt Edges
  109. Malevich - Impendance
  110. Banner of Resistance - Noose Bearer
  111. Children Of Terror - Extreme Exhaustion
  112. OSBORN - Delusion
  113. gimmick. - Last Breath
  114. TOIL uk - Tyrants
  115. Grave Risk - S.T.K.
  116. Fifty Man Mission - Bled
  117. Grow Rich - Tenderfoot
  118. Hiihtokisat - Pyhä välinpitämättömyys
  119. Seize and Desist - Stand for Something
  120. Body of Filth - Dreading the Day
  121. Bad Supremacy - Lockdown (Demo)

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