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Slaughter To Prevail's Alex Terrible comes to Ronnie Radke's defense, Sanguisugabogg end beef

Ronnie Alex Devin Feud

In a surprise move over the weekend, meme-kings Sanguisugabogg deleted all references to their escalating X/Twitter war of words with Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke, apparently concluding that the beef wasn't worth their time. 

The two parties continued to go back and forth over the weekend, and it seemed a confrontation was inevitable, as Radke had an upcoming show at the Sonic Temple festival on May 17th, where Sanguisugabogg vocalist Devin Swank would be working.

As things were unfolding, Alex Terrible of Slaughter To Prevail came to Radke's defense by saying: 

If someone want to fight ronnieradke then you gotta fight me first! I would love to bare knuckle!

Just saying πŸ˜„ 

Ronnie is the main boss so before you go to the main boss you want to fight his mates πŸ˜„

But Radke wasn't willing to let things go. Yesterday, Sunday January 15th, he responded to a now-deleted post by Sanguisugabogg, saying:


Radke that post up followed up with DM screenshots from Sangusugabogg and a message:

.@sanguisugabogg don't back track now apologize publicly like a man or get got. I'm a firm believer In Second chances but you ain't gonna act hard on Twitter and apologize in dms

Regarding the deleted posts, the Sanguisugabogg vocalist explained:

I have tours and relationships amongst other shit to think about I don't have time for it. The back and forth is old. Leave me alone dude just stfu. I'm tired of being on my phone I have 2 weeks left with my family

Swank continued:

It's literally just all talk. That's all he'll ever do I just want it to end. The man is talking to himself in my messages practically harassing me. I don't wanna entertain it anymore


So it seems, at this point, Sanguisugabogg has moved on by going radio silent. 

Radke, however, continues to demand an apology from Swank and troll "hardcore twitter." 





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