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Restraining Order premiere Audiotree live session

Restraining Order

West Springfield, MA hardcore punk band Restraining Order stopped by the Audiotree studio back in September to record a live performance that has now been shared in both video and audio format for fans to enjoy. 

Audiotree shared the following on the session:

Western Massachusetts hardcore band Restraining Order carry the torch of their old-school fast hardcore forbearers into a new era. The band, made up of Patrick Cozens (vocals), Dylan Tobia (guitar), Keith Freeman (bass), and Will Hirst (drums), bring an undeniable amount of heart into their craft, bringing fans of the genre songs that are catchy, vicious, and impeccably well-written. Their Audiotree Live session is hard, fast, and loud, the holy trinity of hardcore. Interviewed by resident Audiotree Live host FINGY, the band share some of their New Year's resolutions, talk about their favorite cities, and open up about their origins.



  1. Should've Known
  2. Fight Back
  3. Misled
  4. Addicted (Reprise)
  5. Left Unsaid
  6. Another Better Day
  7. On The Run
  8. Wouldn't You Agree
  9. What Will You Do
  10. Broken Voice Box
  11. Don't Really Think
  12. Addicted to this Life

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