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Planet B (ex-Locusts/Deaf Club) release latest single, "Rack More Brains", featuring Kent Osborne

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Planet B's newest single from Fiction Prediction, "Rack More Brains," ventures into hip-hop territory. The space-age punk track features Dead Cross / Deaf Club / ex-Locust frontman Justin Pearson's energetic shouts alongside Kent Osborne's gruff nu-metal-influenced raps. Osborne, a musician Pearson has wanted to collaborate with since last January, adds a distinct flavor to the aggressive tune.

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Pearson shared the following:

I first saw Kent Osborne live when he played Deaf Club's LP release party, and I was completely captivated. When we talked about working on a track for Planet B, I had an idea to record both vocal parts, his and mine, as structure, or reference. Kent just followed up with his own stuff, which was raw, precise, and extremely punctual. Luke came up with a pretty insane track, and, well, I wanted to deliver on my end since Kent was joining forces.

Do yourself—and me—a favor and wrap your brains around the song being in 4/4. Then toss in anxiety and tension, and the fact that the curators or war, all war, are neanderthals. Do we need more?

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