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Rival Records changes name

California hardcore label Rival Records are officially changing their name to Rivalry Records for legal reasons. Here's the official word from the label: In the recent tradition of bands and labels changing their names, Rival Records has unfortunately followed the trend and become part of that list. From this day forward, we are now known as Rivalry Records. Why you ask? Well trust us, we're not doing this because we want to, or because we think it sounds cool ('cause it doesn't!). We are doing this as a result of legal issues that began in March of 2004 over the name Rival Records' and the past use of the name by certain people that have not used the name in a very long time (but whom still wish to claim ownership of the name). Could we win a dispute over this in court? Possibly. Is the name 'Rival Records' worth thousands and thousands of dollars and hundreds and hundreds of headaches? Nope. So, here we are, left to continue on as Rivalry Records.' All remaining stock of the label's releases will still say "Rival" on them, however all future presses and represses will be under the Rivalry imprint.

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