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Nekrogoblikon amicably split with vocalist Nicky Calonne, Dickie Allen announced as replacement

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Clemente Ruiz

Nekrogoblikon announces two new permanent vocalists, John Goblikon and Dickie Allen, following the amicable departure of lead vocalist Nicky Calonne, who is embarking on a new life path. John Goblikon, the long-time mascot and insurance salesman, will handle clean singing vocals, while Dickie Allen (Infant Annihilator, Project Vengeance) will handle growling, screaming, and squealing. Both singers have been on the road with Nekrogoblikon for the past year, impressing fans with their vocals and onstage presence.

John Goblikon shared the following:

I'm friggin' singing RIGHT NOW! About dang time! And, I am excited to be the first guy in a band to ever say, 'BIG THINGS COMING! STAY TUNED!

Allen also added:

I'm extremely grateful and stoked to join Nekrogoblikon full-time At the start of 2023, I never expected it to end like this," said Dickie Allen. "After such a short period of time, these guys have become family, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for Nekrogoblikon.

Lead guitarist Alex Alereza also chimed in:

We're so excited to finally give John the promotion he's always been dreaming of and officially welcome the super talented, goblin-in-human-form Dickie Allen to Nekrogoblikon. Touring together this past year has been an absolute blast, and the chemistry among the six of us on stage has been incredible. We can't wait to bring this new energy to the studio.

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