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Mayhem, Enslaved, Behemoth, and more to perform at Beyond The Gates 2024, daily lineup available

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vincent grundke

Official press release:

Over the past few days, Beyond the Gates festival has announced a spectacular all-star tribute to Quorthon and the music of Bathory and a Satyricon residency in Grieghallen, where the band will perform two unique sets with no repeats. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for has arrived; Beyond the Gates 2024 is now revealing the full lineup and daily schedules!

The festival has added nine names to the already stacked program: Mayhem will bring its highly anticipated 40 year anniversary show to the opening day of the festival. Grieghallen house band Enslaved, will this time celebrate its iconic breakthrough album, Frost, which was of course recorded in Grieghallen. Meanwhile, Italian cult phenomenon Death SS will play its first show in Norway ever. Yes, you read that right Steve Sylvester will bring his theatrical heavy metal show to Bergen and Beyond the Gates!

In addition, Norwegian icons Whoredom Rife and Vemod will each be celebrating the launch new albums next year, so they have been invited back to support their respective offerings. And the lineup is finalized with New York black metal collective Black Anvil, Polish Owls Woods Graves (featuring members of MGLA), German black heavy metal outfit Attic and Norwegian newcomers Syn.

The epic four-day metal event will take place once again in the heart of Bergen, NO from July 31 - August 3, 2024!

Tickets are available here.

Beyond the Gates Festival recently revealed the return of its third annual Beyond the Gates Experience, which offers special guided tours in the heart of Bergen, NO by some of the Norwegian music scene's own icons! These once-in-a-headbanger-lifetime experiences will be offered to fans during the festival, which includes a tour to the infamous Fantoft Stave Church with Finn Håkon Rødland, the Black Metal Landmarks tour with Tore Bratseth, and Beyond the Black Metal Classics - a guided tour of Grieghallen with Pytten!

Tickets for the tours are available here.

The full lineup and daily schedules are as follows:


Mayhem (40th Anniversary)
Whoredom Rife
Black Anvil


Death SS (First ever show in Norway)
Cult of Fire

The Day Shift - Kulturhuset
Ritual Death

The Night Shift - Kulturhuset
Old Tower

FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 - Grieghallen

Satyricon (Horns & Diadems pt 1)
Enslaved (Performing 'Frost')


The Day Shift - Kulturhuset
Owls Woods Graves
Bad Omen

The Night Shift - Kulturhuset
Aura Noir


SATURDAY, AUGUST 3 - Grieghallen

Satyricon (Horns & Diadems pt. 2)
Blood Fire Death - A Tribute to Quorthon and the music of Bathory

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anonymous 130 days ago

GOOhem, EnGOOed

Bortslob 130 days ago

Satan is stoked

anonymous 130 days ago

Just don't invite that Indian band from New York they'll just get drunk and spit on the white man again!

anonymous 130 days ago

Beyond the fresh fish, you'll probably find some French fries as well.

anonymous 130 days ago

Remember kids, No Gay Black Metal.

anonymous 130 days ago

From this line-up I've seen 7 bands before and I'm now listening to the Pet Shop Boys. S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G

anonymous 130 days ago

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii was theeeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeerrrr

rick____tocchet 130 days ago

Nice fest

anonymous 130 days ago

More body odor was added to the lineup

anonymous 130 days ago

Deafheaven should be on this

anonymous 130 days ago

A lot of repressed honosexuality will be present at this.

anonymous 130 days ago

Bunch of has been posers! Where's my sweat sock BBW queen from Frozen Soul on the bill? If the shoe fits. All you can eat!

anonymous 130 days ago

Beyond the GOO

anonymous 130 days ago


anonymous 130 days ago

anonymous 16 hours ago Just don't invite that Indian band from New York they'll just get drunk and spit on the white man again! Isn't he a Mexican adopted by White people that LARPs as a Mohawk? He's like the Carlos Mencia of black metal.

anonymous 129 days ago

^^^Lol he's the Elizabeth Warren of black metal.

anonymous 128 days ago

flying in from new mexico for this, can't wait

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