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Ex-Sworn In vocalist Tyler Dennen involved in merchandise reprints conflict

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The former members of the disbanded Illinois metalcore group Sworn In, particularly vocalist Tyler Dennen and drummer/guitarist Chris George, have been displaying ongoing animosity towards one another this past month. The band broke up during the pandemic, however previously saw the departure of Dennen in 2018, with guitarist Eugene Kamlyuk briefly stepping into his role. 

Recently, tensions between Dennen and George surfaced over a merch run celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band's 2013 debut album, The Death Card. Although an initial batch of hoodies was offered for sale last month, Dennen reported issues with his PayPal account, resulting in flagged transactions and refunds for orders.

Last week Dennen tweeted out: 

So Paypal is on some bullshit and has flagged and permanently limited my new business account created for the hoodies, all the money in the account is not accessible to me, which means I'm unable to pay to have those hoodies produced. I have been on the phone with paypal all month regarding this issue, and they have not been able to do anything to appeal the limitation and release the funds. All hoodies ordered using STRIPE have been produced and will be shipped this week. 

With that being said, ALL ORDERS PLACED USING PAYPAL HAVE BEEN FULLY REFUNDED. If you would still like a hoodie, the store is still open and payment can be processed through STRIPE. I apologize for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience, understanding and support. Reordered hoodies will be promptly produced and shipped, 3-6weeks.


Recent discussions on the posts have revolved around the fulfillment or refund status of those orders and refunds. Some users have reported receiving their refunds, while others express concerns about whether they will get refunds or if their merchandise will be shipped. Throughout the ongoing saga in the past month, Chris George chimed in, addressing his previous bandmate and making various allegations. Stating that Dennen may possibly be having some kind of breakdown, adding that this isn't the first time he has promised something to his fan base and didn't deliver. Referring to to unfulfilled vocal features.


Fans would later inquire if members of Sworn In would receive any part of the profits from the merch sales, which Dennen explaining he was 'illegally' removed from the bands business LLC and even throwing accusations that he has had royalties with held for the past 6 years. Which to some people might come off as a round about way to say, no. 


Left to Suffer vocalist Taylor Barber also weighed in on the situation showing support for George and Sworn In:


Update: Dennen posted a message saying he was shipping orders soon:


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