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Austrian Death Machine to release first new album in a decade, share new music video

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After an almost 10-year hiatus, Austrian Death Machine, led by As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, has made a powerful return to the scene with the release of the new single "No Pain No Gain," hinting at an upcoming album. Today, the band officially announces their first album in a decade, titled Quad Brutal, set to be released on February 23, 2024, through Napalm Records.

Quad Brutal comprises 10 tracks of intense thrash-infused extremity and high-speed intensity, promising a compelling listening experience. In keeping with Austrian Death Machine's tradition, the album features a lineup of guest artists on each track. In addition to vocal contributions from Dany Lambesis (HELLBØRN), the album is enhanced by the talents of professional bodybuilders and vocalists Craig Golias and Rob Bailey, Ricky Hoover (Ov Sulfur, ex-Suffokate), and guitar virtuosos Angel Vivaldi, Clayton King, Brandon Richter (Bleeding Through), Joey Alarcon (Wolves at the Gate, Born Through Fire), and more. And, of course, the iconic Ahhnold himself!

To get a glimpse of what to expect from Quad Brutal, check out the new single "Don't Be Lazy," released today along with a muscular music video. The death-meets-metalcore track, featuring guest vocals from pro-bodybuilder Craig Golias, exudes colossal strength, urging all gym enthusiasts to exert their full effort or face the consequences!

Lambesis shared the following:

I can proudly say that 'Don't Be Lazy' is the least brutal song on Quad Brutal because it's still crushing, ramping up to 280 bpm, and features the largest human to ever scream into a microphone. Ahhnold wanted me to create an anthem that even the biggest idiots in the gym can remember so they don't forget to re-rack their weights. Other than that, there's NOTHING LEFT to say. Don't put other people THROUGH STRUGGLE in re-racking your weights.


Speaking on the new album Lambesis added:

Being commissioned by The Govournator to sonically encompass the brutality of 80s action, bodybuilding, and judgment day into one album is a task that comes with great responsibility. First, I had to make it brutal of course. Then, I had to make sure to include choruses so that people don't forget the great wisdom of Ahhnold's words. And since it's the fourth album, I had to really work on my quad strength at the gym to someday be ready to carry the weight of the world from the album cover when it's passed along to me someday. The result is an album that is much more diverse than any ADM album I've written, and in the spectrum of heavy, it is the most brutal by a long shot when you hear all 10 songs.


Quad Brutal track listing:
1. No Pain No Gain (feat. Craig Golias, Angel Vivaldi)
2. Conquer (feat. HELLBØRN, Clayton King)
3. Hey Bro Can You Spot Me? (feat. Craig Golias, Alarcon)
4. Judgment Day (feat. Ov Sulfur)
5. Everybody Pities The Weak (feat. HELLBØRN)
6. Don't Be Lazy (feat. Craig Golias)
7. Get Down (feat. Craig Golias)
8. Destroy The Machines (feat. Dany Lambesis)
9. MeatGrinder (feat. HELLBØRN)
10. I Never Quit (feat. Kill ROB Bailey, Craig Golias, Bleeding Through)

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