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Power Trip tribute show slammed by Riley Gale Foundation

Riley Gale (Power Trip)

The Riley Gale Memorial Foundation and Gale family released a statement regarding the Power Trip tribute show that occurred at Mohawk in Austin, TX on December 1, 2023. 

The foundation shared their complete surprise at the event, highlighting that they were not consulted or invited during the planning or lead-up to the show. They mentioned the absence of input regarding the choice of vocal replacement, the location of the event, and its integration with the Riley Gale & Friends Day concert in which they are planning. 

The full text reads:

December 2, 2023

The Riley Gale Memorial Foundation & Gale family are aware of the event that took place at Mohawk in Austin, TX on December 1*, 2023. It caught us entirely by surprise. 

At no point in the planning or lead up to that moment was anyone in the Gale family consulted, or even invited. 

We were not asked our thoughts or feelings about it taking place. 

If we were, we would have liked to discuss who would fill in on vocals, since Riley had laid out very specitic requests for this exact scenario. 

We would have requested it take place in Dallas, where Riley and Power Trip were born, and where Riley was instrumental in building up the Dallas hardcore and metal community before even setting foot on stage as a performer. 

We would have liked it to be a surprise and wonderful addition to the Riley Gale & Friends Day concert, the main fundraising event for the Riley Gale Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that supports the causes Riley cared about as well as aiding up-and-coming bands through the Riley Gale Band Touring Grant. 

Rileys family would have liked the opportunity to show our appreciation to you, Riley's fans who continue to support him by listening and buying albums because we know how much his lyrics and music meant to his fans. 

As Blake said on stage at Mohawk, they owe a lot to Riley, and the Gale family agrees wholeheartedly. 

Riley's family was not included, and that's unfortunate, but for those among you who love Riley and what he stood for, you can show your love by buying albums directly from southern Lord Records and becoming a part of the Riley Gale Memorial Foundation at the link below. 

Keep an eye out for our announcement of Riley and Friends Vol. 3 early next year--it will feature bands that Riley knew and loved along with hundreds (hopefully thousands) of Riley's fans and family. 

"Birth. Life. Death. Repeat. The goal is to manifest higher than before." 


This isn't the first time the RGF has had a dispute with past members of the band, as the foundation has previously sued the members of Power Trip after Riley Gale's passing. In the dispute, the foundation wanted some control over the remaining band's decisions going forward.

More information can be found here:

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