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Persefone declare plans or a new EP, deliver first new single "One Word" with new vocalist

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Andorran extreme prog metal outfit Persefone has announced their upcoming EP, Lingua Ignota: Part I, scheduled for release on February 2, 2024, through Napalm Records

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Today, the band offers a preview of their latest work with the release of the single "One Word." This track marks a new chapter for Persefone as Lingua Ignota: Part I introduces Daniel Rodríguez Flys as the band's new vocalist. Flys, who has previously toured with the band, brings a fresh perspective to their sound. Accompanying the track is a visually striking music video that complements the band's intricate soundscapes.

Guitarist Carlos Lozano shared the following:

'One Word' embodies all that Lingua Ignota is meant to be, both musically and lyrically. With a much more organic and band oriented approach on the writing for this new release, 'One Word' was the first step towards the sound we were trying to define with the new music. A sound where every instrument, word, note and hit, had its place - avoiding meaningless passages or transitions. Every sound working to help the next one, and all of them being held together by something bigger.


Persefone, known for their technical proficiency and a blend of modern progressive metal with melodic death metal influences, introduces their new vocalist, Daniel Rodríguez Flys, on their upcoming record. Following the impressive 2022 release, metanoia, Persefone expands their musical horizons with Lingua Ignota: Part I, a collaboration with the renowned David Castillo. The new album, produced, recorded, and mixed at Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm, Sweden, by Castillo, is anticipated for release on February 2, 2024. 

The album kicks off with the hauntingly beautiful intro of "Sounds And Vessels," where keyboards and electronic influences set the atmosphere before screams lead into a brutal breakdown. The second track, "One Word," follows with pounding drums, screams, growls, and a catchy, melodic chorus. "The Equable" features church bells and heavy riffs leading to a massive chorus. The title track, "Lingua Ignota," impresses with delicate guitar melodies, chanting vocals, and rich soundscapes. The cinematic closing track, "Abyssal Communication," concludes Lingua Ignota: Part I.


Lingua Ignota: Part I tracklisting:
1. Sounds And Vessels
2. One Word
3. The Equable
4. Lingua Ignota
5. Abyssal Communication

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