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Slipknot's Corey Taylor dispels new drummer rumors, Jeramie Kling "not even on the list"

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The search for Slipknot's new drummer is still shrouded in uncertainty, with Corey Taylor dispelling rumors about a potential successor for Jay Weinberg. On social media, Taylor advised fans not to buy into recent teases from a particular musician.

Since Weinberg's recent and sudden departure, fans and media outlets have been connecting the dots, and one name that emerged as a potential candidate is veteran drummer Jeramie Kling, who recently left his position with Venom, Inc.

Adding fuel to the speculation, Kling posted on Instagram a now-deleted image featuring a deep red Slipknot logo against a black backdrop, accompanied by the caption: 

Drumming is simply a matter of timing. Bring it to you. Invite the chaos.

In a subsequent social media post, Kling dropped more hints while unveiling his new drumkit. Notably, one of the hashtags used was #im666, immediately evoking Slipknot's "Heretic Anthem" with the line, "If you're 555, then I'm 666." The mystery continues as Slipknot fans eagerly await news on who will fill Weinberg's shoes.

As Kling's recent tweet gained traction in the media, Taylor responded on X (formerly Twitter), seemingly dismissing the notion that Kling would be the next drummer. Without explicitly mentioning him, Taylor posted on social media, 

To everyone wondering about our new drummer... it's not him. Stop letting him troll you. He's not even on the list. #hesnot666."

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