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Pupil Slicer part ways with bassist Luke Fabian and live guitarist Alex Brown

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London-based mathcore/metalcore trio Pupil Slicer have officially parted ways with bassist/vocalist Luke Fabian

The announcement, made through the band's social media profiles on November 26, 2023, revealed that both parties mutually agreed that continuing their professional collaboration was no longer viable.

Having dedicated the past five years to the group, Fabian contributed to Pupil Slicer's discography with his involvement in both albums, Mirrors (2020) and Blossom (2023). His bass play-through of "Momentary Actually" was shared by the band in August. Additionally, Fabian participated in the band's recent tour alongside Employed To Serve, concluding in early November.

The statement also disclosed that live guitarist Alex Brown will not be part of the band's lineup in 2024. 

Pupil Slicer expressed gratitude to both Fabian and Brown for their dedication and contributions during their time with the band. 

The complete statement is available for reading below:

We are sad to announce that we are parting ways with our long term bass player Luke Fabian after five years. 

Together we have achieved things beyond our wildest dreams, from touring around Europe and the UK to playing amazing festivals and releasing music together that we are truly proud of. 

We have mutually agreed that working together professionally is something we can no longer continue with. However we would like to thank Luke for his unparalleled skills and contribution on the bass and vocals. It also wouldn't feel right to not highlight his massive contributions and work behind the scenes in PUPIL SLICER, of which we are eternally grateful.

We would also like to thank our live guitarist Alex Brown for his phenomenal work and dedication over 2023 as he will no longer be performing with us as we move into 2024.

Our upcoming headline show as part of reality unfolds is still going ahead as planned and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

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