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Closed Casket Activities to release House of Black 12" featuring Deadbody, God's Hate and more

House of Black

Closed Casket Activities are releasing a limited time 12" featuring all of the entrance music for AEW wrestling group House of Black which features God's Hate vocalist Brody King.

Entrance music includes Deadbody, God's Hate, Colin Young, Twitching Tongues and Emma Boster of Dying Wish

Pre-orders for the vinyl and merch are available at Closed Casket Activities.





House of Black tracklist

1. "Dead Body" by Deadbody (House of Black theme) 
2. "Kings of the Black Throne" by Colin Young (Kings of the Black Throne (Malakai Black & Brody King) theme) 
3. "Harder Hart" by Colin Young Featuring Emma Boster (Julia Hart theme) 
4. "Eyes Adjust" by Twitching Tongues (Buddy Matthews theme) 
5. "Be Harder" by God's Hate (Brody King theme)

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