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Bring Me The Horizon fans storm stage after Jakarta show is cancelled

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A recent mid-performance cancellation by alt-metal icons Bring Me The Horizon led to a small-scale disturbance. The band faced technical challenges during their November 10th show at Jakarta's Ancol Beach City International Stadium in Indonesia, and eleven songs into the set, the band had to halt the performance due to growing concerns about the stage's structural integrity and escalating technical issues with the production. The cancellation occurred during their rendition of the song "DiE4u." 

Following the abrupt conclusion, frustrated fans spontaneously stormed the stage, creating an impromptu singalong.

Below you will find video of YouTube account MS News ID, the video shows the promoter speaking to the crowd about the cancellation and the video gives a bit ore insight to the situation. You will need to have the closed captions on and have them set to auto translate to your preferred language. 

Also there is footage from Youtube account RTS Pictures which complied multiple clips of the aftermath of the cancelled show as well showing fans storming the stage to have a sing-a-long.

Both Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes and the event promoter shared statements following the situation.

While we were performing last night, we got pulled off after one of our songs due to concerns from our crew and some of the local crew that the staging, the trust, basically a lot of the venue was structurally unsound.

It was bouncing so much that a lot of the video monitors, speakers, basically everything was bouncing at a really concerning amount and there were serious concerns that something would happen. The structure could've fallen and hurt people or worse, so we had no choice but to cancel the show.

Unfortunately due to that situation, we can't play tonight either. We've looked at everything we could do. We kinda suggested that we take our video screens away, we take out lights away and just play some kind of stripped back show.

Promoter Ravel Jundary also shared an apology:

I, Ravel Junardy as the promoter of Ravel Entertainment, would like to clarify and apologize profusely for the lack of a setlist for the main performers on the first day of the show due to technical difficulties.

And we regret to inform you that the second day of the show had to be cancelled. As a form of responsibility, Ravel Entertainment will provide proportional refunds for the first day and also full refunds for the second day.

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