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Capra stranded in Texas due to broken down van


Zack Guidry

Capra, the rising metal band from Louisiana, have found themselves in a difficult situation as their van broke down last week, leaving them stranded in Texas.

The band's tour was initially disrupted when their van broke down near San Angelo, Texas, causing them to miss a show in Albuquerque, NM. However, the band managed to secure a rental vehicle to make it to San Diego, CA for the Dia De Los Deftones festival.

After spending a considerable amount on repairs and failing to identify the root cause of the mechanical issues, the band ultimately opted to rent a van and continue their journey to San Diego, leaving their broken-down van behind in Texas. 

Capra Rental Van

After the festival, the band was forced to cancel another show in El Paso and return to San Angelo to check on the van, which was still not fixed when they arrived. As they await the arrival of more parts for their van, they now find themselves stranded in the city. They encountered difficulties with hotel accommodations as well, with a confirmed booking being switched to a later date, forcing the band to search for alternative options.

In light of these circumstances, Capra has made an appeal for support. Although hesitant to ask for assistance, the band realizes the importance of getting back on the road, so the group is asking fans to buy merch and support in any way they can.

The band shared:

As many of you know, our van broke down last Thursday in San Angelo after our show in San Antonio. We spent the morning trying to figure out a way to get it fixed before our next show in Albuquerque, NM which turned into the entire day causing us to miss the show anyway. After hundreds spent on new parts, the mechanics couldn't figure out what was wrong. We had the decision of either renting a car or having the van towed home with us. We rented a vehicle, packed everything we could, left the van in Texas and drove 18 hours straight to San Diego. It would have crushed us to miss one of the biggest opportunies we've been given - and we didn't. We made it and it was one of the greatest days of our lives. Everything that has surrounded that day has been a bit of a nightmare. Due to the rental / mechanic situation, we had to cancel our show in El Paso as well and drive the 18 hours back to San Angelo, TX. We got here not long ago and the van is still not fixed. They've ordered more parts that will be here tomorrow afternoon leaving us stuck here until Wednesday at least. The hotel we got confirmed and then switched our dates to later this month causing us to walk around the area asking if anyone had vacancy. We are now in apparently the last remaining room in the city and I can't deny that we didn't sell our soul for it. We are stranded but safe. Over the next few months we'll be in need of a new van and we refuse to ask for handouts. We hate asking for help, but have reached a point where it's imperative. All we have currently to offer is the merch up on our Bandcamp. Please don't feel obligated to do the pay more option, but if you feel like donating and getting some merch, we are deeply appreciative. For those that have this run of merch, I'll leave our PayPal and venmo but I promise you I'm going to give you something if not in the mail, in person. Somehow it won't be for nothing. Thank you all for being with us. Thank you all for the support. We do this because we love it, we love you, and we love being on the road - when we're not stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Venmo: CapraHxc
Until we meet again. - Capra

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