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The Last Ten Seconds of Life involved in late night van collision with deer

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

The Last Ten Seconds of Life were involved in a van accident while on tour with To The Grave, Signs of the Swarm, and Carnifex. The incident occurred late last night when their van collided with a deer at high speed on the highway, causing significant damage to the vehicle. 

Thankfully, all members of the band emerged from the accident unscathed and without injuries.

However, the same cannot be said for the deer or their van, which is now in dire condition. The necessary repairs are expected to be both expensive and time-consuming.

In light of the situation, the band is currently making arrangements to secure a rental van to ensure they are able to fulfill their commitment and play the scheduled show in Iowa City. However, the future of the tour remains uncertain at this point, as the band is unsure if they will be able to continue on with the remaining dates.

The band shared:

Hey Last Ten family, unfortunately we have crossed paths with misfortune yet again on this tour. At about half past midnight last night on our way back from The Rave, we hit a deer on the highway at high speed. Luckily, none of us were injured and we all walked away from it safely, but our van however is looking grim. The repairs are costly and will take time. We're currently in the process of getting a rental to play today's show in Iowa City, but we're not sure at the moment if we will be able to make the rest of the tour. We are doing everything in our power to make it out to the rest of the cities and play to you all. If you feel the need to help us stay out here on the road, a link below is provided for donation, and any help at all is appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.

Our most important goal is to be out there with you and making connections with you all through music. If we are unable to continue, please continue to support the rest of this amazing tour lineup @tothegraveau @signsoftheswarm @carnifex

Thank you 🩸 - TLTSOL

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