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Drowningman's former members form new band without Simon Brody


After Drowningman vocalist Simon Brody's departure announcement followed by a contradictory statement claiming it was all part of a show, fans were left in a state of uncertainty. Shortly after, taking to Instagram, Brody shared a concise update, revealing that Drowningman is now on an extended and indefinite hiatus

Meanwhile, the remaining four ex-members of Drowningman, along with a new addition to the lineup, are not letting the hiatus deter their creative ambitions. They have plans to launch a new band in the upcoming months. Javin Leonard, former guitarist of Drowningman, shared an instrumental demo of one of the new songs on Facebook.

Leonard stated:

Us four ex-members of Drowningman (plus a new guy 😉) are getting ready to launch our new band in the coming months. I decided it was time to up the lighting game for run through videos of the new songs and I am trying out a ring light on this instrumental demo of one of the new songs 

While fans may feel uncertain about the future of Drowningman, they can still look forward to new music from the collective efforts of the ex-members. The band's sound and direction may evolve with this new lineup, offering listeners a fresh perspective on their music.

As the members move forward, each pursuing their respective endeavors, it remains to be seen whether Drowningman will reunite in the future or if this hiatus signifies the end of an era. 

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