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Ion Dissonance digitally release remixed/remastered version of 2005's 'Solace'

Ion Dissonance

Canadian mathcore outfit Ion Dissonance recently re-issued their second LP, Solace, on vinyl in a remixed/remastered format courtesy of bassist Dom Grimard. That same version is now streaming digitally everywhere. The original release for the album was in 2005 via Abacus Recordings.

Vinyl and merch for release available here.

Statement on the release:

Ion Dissonance really pushed beyond all limits when they wrote this material and created a genre classic that is easily sharing the throne with the likes of 'We Are the Romans' and 'Calculating Infinity', and it's time it is recognized as such.

Yet somehow, it sounds more unhinged, angrier and much darker than those albums. Dare I say heavier, too?! The low guitar tuning certainly adds to the massive sonic impact, not to mention the hardest and most erratic breakdowns of all time.

Best of all, the band decided to give this release a complete overhaul in the shape of a remix and remaster by bassist Dom Grimard, who made it sound like a whole new record.

This is how the band intended the record to sound all the way back in 2005. You will discover details that were swallowed by the original mix entirely. In short, this is the ultimate 'Solace' experience.

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