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Nita Strauss to miss "next few shows" with Alice Cooper due to illness

Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss was notably missing from the lineup as Alice Cooper graced the stage at the Aiken Theatre in Evansville, IN. The guitarist, currently showcasing her talents alongside the tophat-wearing iconic shock rocker, left fans curious about her absence until she shared unfortunate news on Twitter. Strauss revealed that she had fallen ill and, as a result, would be unable to participate in the upcoming shows.

Strauss posted the following:

Hey everyone, I got lots of messages about my whereabouts after last night's Alice Cooper show and unfortunately I have some bad news to share.

Sadly, I will have to miss the next few shows of the tour due to illness.

I'm taking all the necessary things and will rejoin the tour the absolute second I'm well enough.

Alice and the boys are out there kicking ass as always, so show them lots of love if you're going to a show this week!

I'm very sorry to miss you guys out there and I will be back as soon as possible.

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