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Dreamwell drop new single/music video for single ft Wounded Touch's Nick Holland

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Official press release:

The third and final single to be taken from Dreamwell's upcoming sophomore album (In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You - due for release on October 20th via Prosthetic Records) is streaming everywhere now. The track - titled "All Towers Drawn In The Equatorial Room" - features Nick Holland from Wounded Touch and has an accompanying video directed by William J. Hall which can be viewed below.

Pre-order In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You here.

Vocalist KZ Staska shared the following:

This is one of the bleakest songs I think I've ever written. I wrote an early version of these lyrics stream of consciousness style at the onset of a severe depressive episode. I remember writing until I felt done, walking away, and coming back to read what I wrote. I remember feeling really uncomfortable when I read the line 'I would bash my skull against a brick wall if you told me happiness might leak out.' I hated that a line like that came out of me organically, without thought. I knew that discomfort was important. I had to rewrite a lot of it to give it structure and make it make sense once music was written, but I made sure to keep that line exactly as I wrote it.

This song uses the tarot and astrology imagery most heavily. It's about being so desperate for a single shred of hope that I turn to things I don't even believe in to try to find it. I tried to capture that same horrible depressive energy I felt when I wrote the song in the music video, but incorporate more of the ritualistic occult imagery from the narrative into it as well.

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