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Locked in a Vacancy return after 17 years with “The Burden of Being” single from new EP

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New York metalcore band Locked in a Vacancy is back after 17 years with their new single, "The Burden of Being." This release, premiering exclusively at Lambgoat, takes us back to the late '90s and mid-'00s era of hardcore, post-hardcore, and metalcore fusion. The song showcases the band's roots in death metal and metalcore while incorporating themes of life and socio-political discourse.

"The Burden of Being" not only marks the band's comeback but also serves as the announcement of their upcoming EP, titled ...Before The Dawn

After disbanding in 2007, Locked in a Vacancy faced multiple challenges during their hiatus, including the tragic loss of their drummer, Rick Cimato, in 2012. However, earlier this year, they overcame these obstacles and recorded three new songs with their longtime producer, Len Carmichael, with the added contribution of their former bassist, Nick Bohun.

This single encapsulates the personal and collective struggles the band has endured over the years, symbolizing their resilience and evolution.

"The Burden of Being" now available on major streaming platforms, offering both loyal fans and newcomers a taste of Locked in a Vacancy's revitalized sound.

Vocalist Dyami Bryant says:

After every show we play, if we just reach 1 person with our music, or if 1 person walks away thinking about something in a different way than they had before, that's a win.

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