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Kvelertak release new "Morild" music video

Kvelertak Video

Norwegian band Kvelertak have unveiled their latest music video, "Morild", directed by Fredrik S. Hana. The band has once again collaborated with Hana, this time creating a visual experience that blurs the line between a music video and a short film.

"Morild" is a track taken from Kvelertak's recently released album, "Endling," which hit the shelves in early September. The music video itself is a result of over six months of meticulous work, with Hana and his team painstakingly crafting every detail by hand. This includes the use of stop-motion animation, miniature sets, and practical effects.

Featuring a cast of talented individuals such as Thomas Aske Berg, Carl Philip McMillan Bechmann, Rune Daffy Heim, Arild Nordbø Nådland, Henning Meland, Tommy Olsen Heim, Isak Lysell Ringdal, Kenny Grødem, Ove Hausken, and Kenneth Stokdal, "Morild" offers a visual spectacle that matches the intensity of Kvelertak's music.

The video also boasts artwork by Patrick Loveland and was produced by Julia Joner and Chezville. Special effects and miniature work were handled by Michael Wallin of Wallin SFX, alongside Hana. The talented crew included director of photography Christer Breisnes Runde and Hana, while Karl Andre Bru took charge as the gaffer. Remi Sørdal served as the art director, with Hana also taking on the role of editor. Sound design was executed by Nils Viken, and Kyrre Larsen handled the color grading. SFX assistance came from Francisco Lacerda and Sander Skarås Pedersen.

With support coming from Filmkraft Rogaland and Petroleum Records, "Morild" captures the essence of Kvelertak's music while pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

The band commented of the clip:

'Morild' is the 4th music video director Fredrik S. Hana has made for us. It exists somewhere between a music video and a short film, and it took over 6 month shooting the thing, painstakingly making everything by hand, from stop-motion animation to miniature work and practical effects.

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