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Northlane enter studio with Will Putney

norhtlane will putney studio


Northlane announced they have entered the studio alongside Will Putney to start recording their next offering before they embark on the Monsters of Oz tour.

Via Instagram the band shared:

Before we began the Monsters of Oz tour over in the United States, we flew over early to reunite with an old friend @willputney, and we recorded some new music.

The songs were born from a tumultuous period for the band, but we took our time with them, and the way they've turned out has exceeded every expectation we had of ourselves.

Beyond that, we've been privileged enough to collaborate with some artists who've been elemental in their influence of this band over the years.

We have not been this excited or proud about a new creation in a very long time. A new era will begin soon.


The band recently did an interview with the Australian outlet The Music regarding the recording, which you can read here.

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anonymous 163 days ago

Fart metal

anonymous 163 days ago

you mean they will enter the studio and do whatever he says as if WIll is some visionary. dudes a tool and everything he touches has the same mix. cant wait till hes canceled

anonymous 163 days ago

This f*ckin goofball with all those cymbals. Like you do anything that requires more than 2 crashes and china with this terrible teenage girl pop-core routine. Grow up.

anonymous 163 days ago

Who with what??? Oh the guy that has a band full of butt dumplings tour on music he single handedly writes? Cool

Pat_Fenis 163 days ago

I support this combo

anonymous 163 days ago

Can someone explain why/how WIll's considered such a "heavy music svengali" please?

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