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Persefone vocalist Marc Martins exits band

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Last month, Persefone announced they were dropping off the upcoming Ne Obliviscaris North American tour. At the time, not much word was given as to why the band would not embark on the upcoming tour, however, an announcement shared by both the band and vocalist Marc Martins stated he had left the band.

Martin's statement was as reads:

Hi all, There's no easy way to say this, but I have decided to part ways with Persefone.

Leaving the band has been a really tough decision for me to take but I need to take a step aside so I can focus on my kids and family.

This band needs someone who can give their 200% and I can't be the one to fulfill that need right now.

I really hope you understand and that you can keep supporting my brothers in the band without me.

I'd like to thank all my bandmates for all these years fighting together against all odds. You really are family to me.

Thank you to all the amazing people I have met during this amazing journey: musicians, roadies, crew members and many more. And not any less important, I want to thank all our fans, our brothers and sisters around the globe for giving us their strength and love to keep doing this.

Thank you to everyone and keep flowing like living waves. Peace.

The band also released the following statement at the time:

One of the hardest situations that may come from being in a band is to part ways with someone that has been part of your life for years.

After almost two decades, countless shows, releasing 6 albums, traveling the world and living and learning together, Marc has decided to step away from Persefone to focus on his beautiful family.

Marc, we cant but thank you for all your effort, kindness, brotherhood and presence throughout this whole journey. You are and always will be a part of us and we wish you and your future endeavours all the best.

Love You Marc!

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