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Wolves At The Gate share Linkin Park cover “Breaking the Habit"

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Wolves At The Gate have shared the video for their cover of Linkin Park's "Breaking the Habit". The song appears on Lost In Translation, a full covers album. Lost In Translation arrives on September 22 via Solid State Records with pre-orders available here.

The band has previously released covers of Incubus song "Pardon Me" and "Heathens" by and Twenty One Pilots.

The band shared:

There wasn't much debate about covering a Linkin Park song because they all played a big role in our lives growing up," the band says. "The hard part was picking the right song that we could actually transform in a different way. The arrangement, sonic landscape, and lyrics of 'Breaking the Habit' ended up being something that connected with everybody unanimously. The genius of the original song is the utter simplicity of the components. The beat and dynamics of the song stay the same for almost the entire song, but at the same time still has so much movement.

We tried to expand on that and add some more movement in the music to complement and accentuate the vocals. It was a bit of a debate to change the rhythmic elements of the song but doing things like breaking down the second verse became some of our favorite parts. The lyrics of the song were so easily relatable as we often feel the same need to express that type of frustration when faced with our own struggles. We hope our cover can express gratitude and love to Chester, his family, and the rest of LP.

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