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Current Comfort (Ex-INSVRGENCE/Take Life) share latest single ft Bodysnatcher vocalist Kyle Medina

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Austin, TX post-hardcore band Current Comfort, who feature Ex-INSVRGENCE / Take Life guitarist Rafe Holmes, has released a follow-up to their debut "Washed Out", released last month. The new single, "Clockworks", features South Florida hardcore frontman Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher.

Listen to their previously released debut "Washed Out" here.

Speaking on the new single, vocalist Miles McMillan shared the following:

Clockworks lyrically is about the struggle of trying to remain present in your Life and Relationships (platonic or otherwise). It's really hard to not let worries of the future, societal expectations, or past regrets color those aspects, but you can miss out on so much joy by letting these things dictate your path and perspective.

Holmes spoke about the Medina collaboration: 

Despite our sound generally being on the lighter side of the Core spectrum, I still want the ethos of the band to be for the moshers. Having Kyle on the track I think really embodies that ethos.

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anonymous 84 days ago

Who the f*ck are any of these bands/people

rick____tocchet 84 days ago

I can rest easy tonight when I lay my head down to sleep that I will never listen to 1 second of this band.

anonymous 84 days ago

free candy

anonymous 84 days ago

It's a sheetrock band that plays for drink tickets.

anonymous 84 days ago

Sweet Slipknot and Adidas shirts, brahs.

anonymous 84 days ago

This is what these shitty band are going to look like from here on out.

anonymous 84 days ago

Why every americuck these days looks like a sissy?

anonymous 83 days ago

Sweet Slipknot and Adidas shirts, brahs. They were larping as br00tal hardcore kids not that long ago. No one in Austin likes these dorks.

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