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Alex Terrible (Slaughter To Prevail) and Ronnie Radke unite against backlash over 'Real Man' video

Alex Terrible

Recently Slaughter To Prevail frontman Alex Terrible took to Instagram to address the topic of heterosexuality in response to a video he posted the previous day titled "4 RULES Of REAL MAN". In the original video Terrible lays out his view of what makes a "real man" from his perspective. 

In the video, he states:

Four rules of real man.

First one, the real man eats woman p*ssy, he likes.

Second one, the real man eats food with his own hands.

Third one, the real man does sport, especially combat sport.

And the final one, the real man listen to metal music.


Whether joking or serious, many popular comments on the Reel took him at face value, and had fans questioning the video, calling him homophobic, asking what to do if gay, and letting him know there was "still time to delete this bruh." 

In response, Terrible posted a statement on his page, letting fans know where he stands.

August 24, 2023 at 1:46 PM 

It makes me uncomfortable when I touch on a heterosexual topic and it doesn't matter at all, jokingly or seriously, there are a lot of people who start pointing fingers at me and calling me a homophobe or a women-hater. You are crazy! If you don't like that l'm a straight man and have traditional family values, please unfollow me! I don't give a shit who are you and if you suck d*cks balls ass or p*ssy it's not my f*cking deal I don't want to know that. That's your personal f*cking stuff 

I will not feel sorry for anyone and be gentle, I say what I think and sometimes I speak rudely. I hate propaganda in any form, especially when trying to brainwash children! I consider it a crime, children absorb everything like sponges and do not realize until they are of a conscious age. parents, teachers and educators are responsible for children and they must help them become individuals who in the future will take responsibility for their own destiny. If you want to cancel me for this then please! I won't stop making my own music and being myself. F*ck you

Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke chimed in in agreement saying:

"I stand with you Alex. you aren't allowed to be heterosexual anymore."

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