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Corey Taylor's wife responds to Jason Christopher's COVID claims: "Two sides to the story"

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Jason Christopher shared this "Clown Emoji" band photo along with his statement

In a recent social media post, Jason Christopher, former bassist for Corey Taylor, shared an extensive statement explaining the reasons behind his dismissal from the band. A response from Corey Taylor's wife, Alicia Taylor, soon followed. 

Christopher, who had been Taylor's close friend and a member of his solo band, revealed that his termination occurred in 2021 after testing positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. In his statement, Christopher acknowledged feeling unwell during a rehearsal but dismissed it as mere allergies. Following his positive test, he said he promptly informed Taylor, sparking a tense exchange of text messages, followed by alienation from Taylor's camp.

In the social media post, he explained:

On the morning of August 4th 2021, I woke up to an email telling me I had Covid. I immediately called Corey because we had a tour starting at the house of blues in two days. 

The day before this we had full band rehearsal. I felt like shit, but I had gotten the vaccine, and everyone on the television that was supposed to know about this stuff was telling me that if I got the vaccine, I wouldn't get Covid anymore. So I chalked it up to allergies and a morning spin class. I should have known better because I was really heavy in the feet that day, but I didn't have any flu like symptoms, I was just really tired. I just got through rehearsal as best I could and went home to take a nap…

When I got home is when it really hit me. I couldn't taste the sandwich I had picked up on the way home, and that's when I knew I was in some serious trouble. 

After I called Corey to let him know about the Covid, I received an extremely unnerving text from him telling me that I knew I was sick when I was at rehearsal, and that my negligence could have killed his daughter, his mother in law, etc… etc… 

I had just gotten stoned and it completely freaked me out. 

The only thing I could think of to do at the time was just shut it down as quickly as possible because I knew they had to scramble to get another rhythm section for the first few shows. So I immediately sent back, "You're right I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say…". That was the first time I wasn't honest with him… I didn't want to send that text. What I wanted to say was "what the fuck are you talking about ?" But I was too high and scared, and I knew he was too mad to hear that. So I just left it alone and figured we would talk about it in a few days when everything cooled down. 

It wasn't till a week later that I realized everyone in the entire camp was balls out mad at me because I had apparently come into rehearsal like it was 1985 and I was rubbing my full blown aid sores all over everyone.

Corey, and his entire camp shut me out. It wasn't long after that I started to get wind of some people saying I was a Trump supporter, had a fake vaxx card, and tons of other awesome shit like that. I honestly didn't want the vaccine, I didn't need it… I got it just so I could play music and work. 

They told people this, and those people told more people. 

Johnny Chow called people on a tour I was about to go on with Prong telling everyone what a scumbag I was and that no one should ever play with me again, and if they needed verification they could call Scott Ian and a few others… 

I was now completely blacklisted from a "career" that I was finally able to say was starting to get somewhere… 

I got real mad, and when I get real mad, I get real petty. I started talking shit about all of them to try and redeem what little self I had left but it just made things worse. These guys were my family so needless to say I was absolutely devastated that they would think this bullshit. 

I know I'm a careless immature idiot, who doesn't abide by old rich white laws when I don't have to, but I just fucking got sick… period. I didn't do anything wrong. 

The aftermath of this, is that everyone that surrounds Corey, and I mean everyone… who just happened to be most of my best friends for the past twenty years, completely dropped off the radar. 

I would watch people I loved and had daily interactions with for the past couple of decades comment on everyone else's instagrams, posting birthday wishes for all their friends, and all that, but no one would come near me with a ten foot pole. I was done for sure. 

I eventually just kicked everyone off my internet because they are so deep on his shaft it's nauseating, and I can sure as fucking shit guarantee that the few straglees of his friends that are still "in my life" won't come anywhere near this post except to screenshot it and send it to him…

I sent a couple of apology emails trying to save face, but they were completely  Insincere because I wasn't sorry. 

I just saw yesterday that someone I was following on Instagram had recently deleted me, this was right after I saw a post of him arm and arm with Johnny Chow… so it's still happening, and all I can do is sit here and vent on the internet. 

I fucking miss it. I miss feeling mildly important, I miss playing for huge crowds, but if I'm getting super honest?  It's all ego… I just miss feeling fake important playing generic Midwest radio rock songs I didn't write, and don't even like… I don't want to trash talk anymore, I'm trying to regain some sort of confidence in myself after all this and that's not the way to do it… but 80% of that music was absolute garbage, and none of my real friends hesitated to tell me that when the first album came out. 

I remember getting mad at my friends when they would clown me about the first single that was released. I was so embarrassed to play that shit, but  whatever… we do what we do for our friends because we love and support them no matter what right? 

It also didn't hurt that he's a massive rock star and I was finally in some sort of limelight? 😂

I guess I'm just writing this because some people don't realize that I'm not in the band anymore, and every time the little guy has a tour coming up, I start getting the "I can't wait to see you in (enter city here) constantly and it totally bums me out. 

It's painful  as fuck to wake up alone and broken while everyone else just gets to live their life, but unfortunately this is a challenge I am used to and will survive it like I always do. 

I rarely leave the house anymore, no one will hire me, my ego has been completely derailed (thank god), I trust absolutely no one, and I don't even feel like a human being anymore… But I will survive… like the fucking talented cockroach that I am. 

My last show with CMFT was at Rockfest in Wisconsin, co-headlining with Limp Bizkit, and I got paid $160 and no fucking cents.  

Sorry for the long one today, guess I needed to finally get that out. 

Taking to social media in defense of her husband, Alicia Taylor responded to Christopher's post with her own lengthy statement. She expressed genuine affection for Christopher, describing him as kind, charismatic, and always supportive during Corey's difficult times. However, Alicia criticized Christopher for consistently damaging Corey and the band's reputation with partly true accounts whenever the band toured or released new music. 

She disputed Christopher's claim of being fired solely due to his positive COVID-19 test, stating that all band members were required to test negative before rehearsals. She emphasized that alternative arrangements would have been made if Christopher had tested positive. Alicia also mentioned Christopher's insincere apologies, suggesting they were driven by bitterness and envy.

According to Alicia, during the pandemic, Corey Taylor paid Christopher and the other band members a weekly salary despite not earning any income himself. Alicia also mentioned that Corey even gifted Christopher a car and treated him and his son to an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World. Alicia ended her statement with the hope that Christopher finds the help and happiness he needs.

She also made it clear that she shared the statement with Corey's permission, lest anyone lob a "shut up, yoko" her way.

Alicia Taylor's full statement read:

It's a shame it's come to this, and I'm not a fan of how messy this is- but someone needs to say it. 

I'm going to start this by saying, I genuinely adored Jason. He was kind, charismatic, fun, hilarious, witty... and he would drop everything to help Corey in serious times. For that, I was always grateful to him. I stuck up for him when people would shit-talk him. I would happily do anything he asked if he needed me. In my eyes, he was so great.

I know this isn't my place, but I'm tired of this person dragging my husband and his band through the mud with half-truths to make himself look better every time the band does something like a tour or releases a single. It's like clockwork- and it's painfully obvious this is coming from a place of bitterness and jealousy. It's been years and no one from the band has said anything publicly, yet this guy can't move on. He rants on social media for sympathy, every time he gets his feelings hurt because he's no longer part of something due to the consequences of his own choices. So instead of doing the work and maybe looking inward and making changes, he resorts to crying on the internet to control the rhetoric and how other people see the band.

I hate that it's come to this, but there's always two sides to the story. 

Jason wasn't let go because he got covid. So, we can throw that excuse out of the window. It was a risk at the time, and everyone knew that. It was bound to happen. Our camp was also intelligent enough to know that vaccines don't protect you from getting the virus; that's not how this works. 

Jason was let go because: 
Before rehearsals started, everyone in the camp was asked to get tested and produce a negative Covid test before coming to pre-production. Everyone in the camp complied... except for Jason. Whether he felt he was above the rules because he took advantage of the fact he was Corey's best friend and didn't • feel like he needed to or what- we'll never know. Regardless, he didn't get tested and came to rehearsals anyways- talking about how sick he felt, while spitting water on Zach and even hugging and giving me a kiss on the cheek (I was masked) when I stopped by. Crazy to me how one simple decision would have prevented all of this nonsense......

Before rehearsals, he noticed his son was extremely sick, and when Corey told him to get his son tested, the response was, "no, because if his baby mama finds out she'll kill me!" So he avoided that, to save his own face. What if he had gotten his son tested? Well, if his son tested positive, then chances are Jason would have tested with a positive result, and - drumroll - everything would have been fine, in regards to his place with the band. This was about 4 days (maybe less?) before pre-production rehearsals, which would have given the band enough time to handle this. 

What if his son wasn't a factor, and Jason did the thing that was asked of him- got tested, popped positive- and then what?

Well, it would probably have been the same case as it was for Zach when he got it. The band would have known immediately, would have time to find a replacement (instead of scrambling with less than 48 hours before the first show), would not have put anyone at rehearsal at risk, and he probably would still be a part of this band. The irresponsibility of not doing his part by getting tested in advance so that measures could be taken is why he's no longer here. The fact he's twisted it into, "I got Covid" is ridiculous. And then he doubled down by continuing to talk shit to everyone about it, all while the band stayed silent.

And let's not forget about the massive email he wrote everyone in the band AND Cherry Bombs admitting he was wrong, asking for forgiveness, saying he "doesn't expect" a response- yadda yadda. Well we now know that was also a manipulation tactic because when no one responded, he took this public... again. By his own admission, these lengthy apologies were "insincere" News flash: admitting faults publicly doesn't excuse your behavior, nor should anyone take it as anything other than a giant pity party. If he was insincere with this giant apology emails... what was the motive? Ah, to get back in, and nothing more. Knowing this by Jason's own admission says it all: the band did the right thing anyways.

Jason was on salary, at $1200 a week- during Covid- when ALL performers took monetary hits due to reduced capacity in the venues (less tickets = less money for everyone) and inflated costs. Let's also look at context: on top of Covid, this project is also just starting out. Nevertheless, $4,800 a month isn't pennies. Want to know Corey's rate? $0.00 (that's zero, btw, NOTHING), so he could pay his band everything he could. Jason didn't have to take that tour or that job, he could have stayed home and not worked, and made the same amount of money as Corey. Also, if he had an issue with his pay, why did he accept it? Once you accept a rate, it doesn't make sense to complain about it after.

Jason's lower rate for RockFest? Maybe it was from the car Jason asked Corey to buy him? Or maybe it was the 5 day Disney trip for he and his son, which included flights, hotel, tickets, all meals, everything... because he wanted to go? When two of my performers were talking with him, he would say things like, "it's fine, Corey can afford it." Red flag: this isn't something a real friend says. Jason had changed. 

It's not this giant conspiracy when everyone in your closest circle suddenly drops you. It's not a coincidence when you've been fired from almost every single band you've ever been a part of. It's not this wild intricate plan to "get vou" when several individuals in the industry from all different camps say, "finally!" to Corey after this split. Jason is NOT a victim, and the fact he keeps plaving like one years later is getting old.

You know the saying, if it smells like shit everywhere you go... maybe look under your shoe. 

I hope Jason gets help, finds a new purpose in life, and gets happy- with REAL happiness. He's clearly not doing well, lashing out at people publicly who have stayed silent and not played this childish game. Hurt people hurt people, and I hope he finds peace at some point so he can move on. 

And before anyone gets all "shut up, yoko" on me, the band has given me permission to say this, and l'll always stand up against lies, especially when it comes to my Husband. I'm also shutting off comments because I'm not into letting the public chime in on this page in order to feel like people are agreeing with me and make me feel good; this is about standing up for what's right and the truth.

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