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Killswitch Engage confirm new record coming in 2024, 'for sure'

Killswitch Engage

Travis Shinn

According to a recent interview with Kerrang!, Killswitch Engage's next album is expected to be released in 2024. Adam Dutkiewicz, the guitarist and producer for the band, mentioned that they have been working on new songs for quite some time. Vocalist Jesse Leach has been working on lyrics and demos recently, and the band has multiple songs in progress.

After their current tour, Killswitch Engage plan to return to the studio and work on the album. Dutkiewicz hopes to have it finished by the end of the year, but he acknowledged that it may take longer.

Dutkiewicz explained:

"…We've been writing for quite some time now. Jesse [Leach, vocals] has been working out some lyric ideas and demos for the last few days, actually. We've got a lot of songs kind of rolling around right now."

"I'm thinking about getting back into the studio after this tour and getting to work, and I'm hoping we'd like to have the record done by the end of the year. But it might take a bit longer than that, so I would assume new music next year, for sure."

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