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Madball bassist Jorge "Hoya" Guerra will step away from the band after European tours

Jorge “Hoya” Guerra madball

Tim Dailey

Jorge "Hoya" Guerra was a guest on Toby Morse's One Life One Chance podcast recently and during the 2+ hour chat, Guerra leveled with everyone and mentioned that he will be leaving Madball permanently after the next two European tours. Guerra joined Madball in 1993.

Guerra states that the band has "slowed down too much", "currently it isn't working out financially", and "mentally it isn't enough".

Guerra also made sure to point out that there is no beef between the two parties and that it is all love and that he is not done with music.

You can listen to the full podcast below, Guerra makes the statement he is leaving the band around the 22-min mark.

Also of note today with Kat Moss addressing Scowl's industry plant claims, 10 minutes later in the podcast Morse shared that Guerra turned him on to Scowl. So there is that, take that for what it is worth. 

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