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Amon Amarth release 4 song EP, deliver music video for "Heidrun"

Amon US tour

Official press release:

Swedish viking metal marauders, Amon Amarth continue their domination with a brand new music video for their epic Valhalla feast track "Heidrun" off their chart-topping record The Great Heathen Army. Additionally, Amon Amarth have unleashed a special 4-track digital single of "Heidrun" featuring a newly remixed version of the single plus two live bonus tracks and a "goat remix" version featuring actual goat vocals (full track list below). Watch the official music video for "Heidrun" here and find the digital single on your streaming platform of choice here.

Frontman Joahn Hegg shared the following:

Heidrun is an interesting mythological character, it's a goat that stands on the roof of Valhalla eating the leaf of the big tree Lärad. The milk that she gives is the honey/mead that the warriors in Valhalla drink each night. The lyrics themselves are both about Vikings travelling the world but also metaphorically what it is to be a touring musician.

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