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Frozen Soul present Wrecking Ball Metal Madness event Halloween weekend in Texas

Wrecking Ball MM

Frozen Soul's "Wrecking Ball Metal Madness" fest is back, promising to outdo last year's event. Taking place on Friday, October 27th, at The Echo in Dallas, Texas, Wrecking Ball Metal Madness began as a humble endeavor to showcase the talents of local bands and the Texas music scene. Over time, it has evolved into a full-fledged weekend event that combines metal, hardcore, and pure fun. 

Tickets for Halloween weekend in Dallas, Texas, will be available for purchase starting this Friday at 10 am Texas time. For more information and tickets, visit the official website of Wrecking Ball Metal Madness at

"Wrecking Ball Metal Madness" Full lineup:

Friday October 27 @ The Echo in Dallas, Texas

Dying Fetus 
Despised Icon 
The Acacia Strain 
Creeping Death 
Dying Wish 
Gates to Hell 

Saturday October 28th @ The Echo in Dallas, Texas

Frozen Soul (Glacial Domination Record Release) 
Eternal Champion (10 year anniversary) 
200 Stab Wounds 
Tribal Gaze 
Ends Of Sanity 

Sunday, October 29th @ Division Brewing in Arlington, Texas

Will to Live
Ninth Circle 
Death File Red 

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anonymous 216 days ago

Only steers and queers come from Texas

anonymous 216 days ago

Frozen sock sniffing GOO

anonymous 216 days ago

Fetus rules!!!

anonymous 216 days ago

Do they offer VIP tix that include one of Sam's socks?

anonymous 216 days ago

I would go this if it was in Vegas, not Dallas, with no cover, free beer and was taking place across the street from my house. Maybe next year?

anonymous 216 days ago

Do they offer VIP tix that include one of Sam's socks? ^Turnstile Accountant here. Not sure about this Sam fellow, but I can for sure hook you up with one of Scott Vogel's soiled gym socks for a sweet $24K. Delivery has to made inside a VFW hall, though.

anonymous 216 days ago

Bikers with methamphetamine addictions and unemployed comic illustrators are stoked for this show.

anonymous 216 days ago

Here for the GOO

anonymous 215 days ago

Reading those band names makes me not wanna take part in this filthy asylum of edgy boys trying to prove themselves to a world that could give 2 fcks about them

anonymous 215 days ago

Frozen GOO

anonymous 215 days ago

This year we are THRILLED to have joining us Friday October 27th The Echo Dallas Texas Dying GOO Despised GOO The Acacia GOO Creeping GOO Dying GOO Gates to GOO TactGOO SoleGOO Saturday October 28th The Echo Dallas Texas. Frozen GOO (Glacial Domination Record Release) Eternal GOO (10 year anniversary) @eternalchampion SkinlGOO DevourGOO FuGOO 200 Stab GOO JudiGOO Tribal GOO Ends Of GOO FleshGOO StabbinGOO

anonymous 215 days ago

Make GOO Great Again

anonymous 215 days ago

I knew it would be a bad line up by the fact that it's Frozen Soul putting it on.

anonymous 215 days ago

Riley gale hologram set will be lit

anonymous 215 days ago

Glad to see a lot of dudes in their mid to late 30s with no job and still live with their parents have time to constantly post GOO comments. When you go to hang out at the local mall I shoot my GOO in all of your mothers

anonymous 214 days ago

Frozen Goo (Buffet Domination Toilet Release) Imagine the smell.

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