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GoFundMe set up for Varials vocalist Mitch Rogers and others to cover injuries caused in crash

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Last month Varials were forced to cancel their scheduled mini-tour with Crown The Empire due to vocalist Mitch Rodgers and others being involved in a severe auto accident in late June.

Not much was shared at the time of the accident other than it took place driving back from the band's Baltimore show. However, new details have surfaced; Rogers and others suffered extensive injuries having been T-boned by someone running a red light causing their vehicle to flip several times resulting in a total loss of their van and trailer.

Donate to the GoFundMe here.

Rogers suffered a collapsed lung among other injuries and had to stay in ICU for 10 days.

Marissa Ward, a friend of those involved in the accident, has set up a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of the group's injuries and to replace the totaled van, trailer, and other gear.

Hello, my name is Marissa and I'm raising funds for my friends Mitch Rogers and Rob Haberman. As some of you may know, on June 29th Mitch and Rob were involved in a serious accident. While driving back to Mitchell's house from their show in Baltimore, Maryland, they were t-boned by a driver who ran a red light at high speed and flipped Mitchell's van multiple times. The van was totaled along with the trailer full of the crews personal items and gear in tow. Mitch and Rob were able to safely exit the vehicle and handle themselves at the scene, but once they arrived at the hospital the situation changed drastically for Mitchell. He was diagnosed with a partially collapsed left lung and was in the ICU for 10 days. His stay included 5 tubes being put in his chest/side and lengthy lung surgery. Although he had insurance, it won't cover the entire cost of the van, and his medical bills are piling up. Rob and Mitchell also had multiple pieces of their music gear, photography equipment, along with countless personal items damaged or completely lost in the crash. Mitchell was driving the vehicle, and was officially deemed not at fault a few days ago. We felt is was right to wait until we knew all the details, and the extent of the fallout before asking anyone for help. 

Overall this experience has severely impacted their lives and businesses in many ways, and they need our help to get their livelihoods back as quickly as they can. 

The money raised by this campaign will be used to help ease the financial burdens this terrible situation has placed upon Rob and Mitch, as they prepare to get back on the road as soon as possible.

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