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All That Remains drummer Jason Costa departs band

Jason Costa

Drummer Jason Costa has recently announced his departure from the band All That Remains. Costa has been a part of the group since 2006, after leaving Diecast in 2005. The 50-year-old musician took to social media to share his reasons for leaving, citing "deeply personal" reasons that have nothing to do with the band itself.

In a statement, Costa shared:

 "Hi everyone. For the last 17 years I have had an absolute blast writing, touring, creating and partying in this band with people that I love and respect.

My reasons for leaving are deeply personal and have nothing to do with any drama or anything within the band. I love these guys and consider myself extremely lucky to have been a part of this for so long. 

I won't be quitting music for good so hopefully I'll still see all you friends and acquaintances around the world again in the future! Thank you all so much for countless great shows, energy and incredibly fun times!!"


It is worth mentioning that Costa temporarily left All That Remains' U.S. tour in March 2022 to address personal matters as well. During his absence, Anthony Barone, previously associated with Beneath The Massacre and Shadow Of Intent, took on the role of a replacement drummer.

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