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KEN mode give forth new single, "He Was A Good Man, He Was A Taxpayer"

Ken Mode Single

Brenna Faris

Official press release:

KEN mode has unveiled "He Was a Good Man, He Was a Taxpayer," the next new single from its upcoming album, VOID. VOID is set for a September 22nd release on Artoffact Records.

Released in September of last year, KEN mode's eighth album, NULL, was inspired by the bleakest days of the COVID-19 pandemic and saw the band create some of the rawest, harshest material of its career. The album also marked the official debut of KEN mode's newest member; multi-instrumentalist Kathryn Kerr joined the lineup of guitarist/vocalist Jesse Matthewson, his brother Shane Matthewson on drums, and bassist Skot Hamilton, and helped install a new palette of No Wave and industrial-tinged sounds into the band's trademark mix of metallic hardcore and noise rock.

Arriving exactly one year after NULL, VOID is KEN mode's ninth full-length album. More than merely the follow-up to NULL, VOID is a companion to that album, inspired by the same events, and written and recorded within the same time frame.

Where NULL embodied the chaos and shock of the early days of the pandemic, VOID is the sound of disappointment and sorrow that followed.

Matthewson shared the following:

Perhaps a little more post-punk than people are used to hearing us, but we had fun playing with synth and pushing the boundaries of the emotionality of this track. Is this noise goth? I don't know. Does that sound stupid? Did I just invent a new genre? There are equal parts Bauhaus and Unsane on this, so maybe?

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