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Nekrogoblikon has $20,000 worth of gear lost and damaged on AA flight, offered luggage in return


On the Fourth of July, Nekrogoblikon, the goblin metal band, took to Twitter to express their frustration with American Airlines for damaging and losing over $20,000 worth of their gear during a flight. The incident occurred as they were set to start their midwest tour with Dropout Kings and Summoning the Lich. The band publicly called out American Airlines, criticizing their negligence and lack of care for their equipment. 


American Airlines then responded on Twitter, requesting more details to resolve the issue:

Lambgoat reached out to the band for more information, they explained:

"Basically they opened up and went through all of our gear and clearly put no effort into closing any of it correctly or handling it carefully. We had cases wide open that were missing crucial items and had a bunch of gear inside smashed."

However, the situation escalated on July 11, when the band shared an update stating that the airline had offered them replacement luggage as compensation for their damaged gear. 

The American Airlines note read: 

"We apologize for any inconvenience in your travel experience and to quickly resolve this matter for you, we are pleased to offer you a quality replacement bag from one of our trusted business partners, Rynnls Luggage. Please use the unique link below that has been created especially for you to pick your new bag."

As one would expect, this lead to further dissatisfaction and resentment from the band.

If you're in the midwest, be sure to catch Nekrogoblikon, Dropout Kings, and Summoning The Litch on the following dates. Maybe pick up an extra piece of merch or two from the band to support. 

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