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Dying Fetus announce new album and headlining U.S. tour, share music video

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Tracey Brown

Official press release:

Death Metal Overlords Dying Fetus return with their highly anticipated new album, Make Them Beg For Death, out September 8!

Watch the "Feast of Ashes" video, directed by Blvckbox Studios, below.

Recorded in Baltimore with longtime producer Steve Wright and mixed by Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse), Make Them Beg For Death contains every Dying Fetus hallmark. The veteran Death Metal band's ninth album is fast, intense, and brimming with unstoppable grooves.    
Dying Fetus return to the US stages this Fall from October 17 to November 19 with The Acacia Strain, Despised Icon, Creeping Death & Tactosa to support the release of Make Them Beg For Death! Tickets are on sale this Friday, July 14 @ 10am local time. (Full list of dates below)

Drummer Trey Williams shared the following:

It follows on from where Wrong One To Fuck With left off .We don't need to participate in the technical death metal arms race. We've got the big guns, and we've proven that. It's all about pointing them in the right direction, so to speak.

Co-vocalist/Guitarist John Gallagher added:

We put our own twist on Death Metal. We were like most bands, starting in the garage, drinking beer, having a little fun on the weekend, finding the right amps through trial and error. We blended aspects of bands we liked – Suffocation, Obituary, Deicide, and Cannibal Corpse, among others; the dual vocal approach of Carcass – and made them our own. 'Let's make it moshy, let's make it slammy.' 

The philosophy is the same now as it was when the band started," Gallagher confirms. "To write catchy riffs and to make it memorable. Whatever style of music you're doing, make it something people want to hear repeatedly.

Make Them Beg For Death tracklist:  
1. Enlighten Through Agony  
2. Compulsion For Cruelty  
3. Feast of Ashes  
4. Throw Them in the Van  
5. Unbridled Fury  
6. When The Trend Ends  
7. Undulating Carnage  
8. Raised In Victory / Razed In Defeat  
9. Hero's Grave  
10. Subterfuge

Make Them Beg For Death physical pre-orders are available via here on LP/Deluxe CD/CD/CS. Digital Downloads / Streaming / Pre-Save here.

A list of Dying Fetus U.S. tour dates is available below.

10/17 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts 
10/18 Pittsburgh, PA @ Roxian Theatre  
10/19 Philadelphia, PA @ Brooklyn Bowl  
10/20 Richmond, VA @ Canal Club  
10/21 Greensboro, NC @ Hangar 1819  
10/22 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade  
10/24 Orlando, FL @ The Beacham  
10/26 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live  
10/28 Austin, TX @ Come And Take It Live  
10/30 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater  
10/31 Phoenix, AZ @ The Marquee  
11/01 San Diego, CA @ House of Blues 
11/02 Los Angeles, CA @ The Belasco 
11/03 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst  
11/04 Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades  
11/05 Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory 
11/07 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot  
11/09 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall 
11/10 Lawrence, KS @ The Granada  
11/11 Minneapolis, MN @ The Lyric at Skyway  
11/12 Chicago, IL @ Concord Music Hall  
11/13 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew's Hall 
11/14 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues 
11/15 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall 
11/17 Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw 
11/18 Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live

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anonymous 285 days ago

Dying GOO

anonymous 285 days ago

Oh look its the same person who made the ghost inside art that was posted yesterday

rick____tocchet 285 days ago

Nice tour

anonymous 285 days ago

15 years ago DF was lucky to draw 100 people...this resurgence with deathcore bands supporting is cool

anonymous 285 days ago

despised icon doing a full us tour is pretty f*cking cool

anonymous 285 days ago

If Ion Dissonance jumped on this i'd be in heaven

anonymous 285 days ago

If Ion Dissonance jumped on this i'd be in heaven ^backed.

anonymous 285 days ago

take note puss boys. this is how a tour is done and features

anonymous 285 days ago

Sweet tour. I'd bet 100 bucks the new Dying Fetus album won't receive a 9 like Zulu's did.

anonymous 285 days ago

Why does DF just HAVE to tour with shitty 'core bands all the time?

anonymous 285 days ago

^so people show up

anonymous 285 days ago

Why does DF just HAVE to tour with shitty 'core bands all the time? ^because it brings in the younger crowd, which is necessary to make these tours profitable. and it also exposes the younger kids to old school greats and maybe makes them some new fans.

rick____tocchet 285 days ago

Dying Fetus are one of the GOAT's

anonymous 285 days ago

Can't wait to watch dying fetus fans get the absolute shit kicked out of them during TAS and Despised Icon. When bulletproof scales and Carbomb hit those "true death metal fans" are going to get literal head trauma.

anonymous 285 days ago

^watching recent videos its just a bunch of kids bopping isn't 2004.

NorthFromHere 285 days ago

rick____tocchet 35 minutes ago Dying Fetus are one of the GOAT's Yes, they truly are. And they are just core enough to get some kids into really good death metal, so it's a net win. Code Orange picked them to open for their last album release show because Dying Fetus are that well respected, by bands you love to hate, bands you love, and all in between.

anonymous 285 days ago

Make Them Beg For GOO!

Pilgrim 284 days ago

If prices aren't bonkers I might go.

anonymous 284 days ago

^watching recent videos its just a bunch of kids bopping isn't 2004. For f*cking real. I guarantee DF has the hardest pits on this tour.

anonymous 284 days ago

leaving after TAS and DI to get home at a reasonable hour on a work evening is the move.

anonymous 284 days ago

Acacia Strain blow

anonymous 284 days ago

Guess they don't care about selling any merch with that album art

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