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Year Of The Knife's Madi Watkins is starting to be responsive

Year Of The Knife

The latest update given by guitarist Brandon Watkins, Madi's Husband and bandmate, yesterday (07/07) may be the most positive news from the band's accident that occurred only 9 days ago. In the short update, which you can read below, Brandon informs that Madi has started to be responsive in "little ways." 

Brandon's update read:

Not much to update today things are pretty much the same. Madi will respond to our voices in little ways like moving her hand or blinking a little extra when we're talking to her. It's hard for me to be patient but I know it's all baby steps. I just miss her dearly.

Year Of The Knife's GoFundMe is still set up and active. As Madi's road to recovery is scheduled to be a long one that involves many surgeries, some of which she has already begun to undergo, and one would expect a lengthy go rehabilitation once she is able to fully start recovering.

Though Madi, unfortunately, took the most severe injuries. Most everyone in the band was also injured during the accident involving a tractor-trailer while driving through Utah. Brandon himself luckily only suffered a concussion and was released fairly quickly, while brother Andy (drums) and Aaron (guitar) Kisielewski both suffered broken bones and more. 

Andy broke both ankles but was released from the hospital, not a great injury for a drummer. His brother Aaron faired a bit worse, breaking a femur (which is one of if not the most painful bone to break) along with a lacerated carotid right artery. There hasn't been an update regarding if Aaron has been released from the hospital, so it would be safe to say he is still there recovering.

For ongoing and future updates on Madi's condition, follow Brandon Watkins (@condemned2suffa) on Twitter or stay tuned to the updates on the GoFundMe page.


UPDATE: Additionally, it looks like The Acacia Strain is doing a bit of fundraising for YOTK as well, with the band creating a tee-shirt for their friends in Year Of The Knife, with all proceeds going to support the effort. The shirt reads "The Acacia Strain" on the front with "Year Of The Knife Forever" emblazoned on the back.

The band shared:

When our friends need our help, aside from donating directly; the only thing we know to do is make a shirt. Every dime of this goes to YOTK. We wish we could do more. Buy 1, buy 5. Donate to their gofundme. Help our friends. Link in bio. Brandon, Madi, Aaron, Andy; we love you all. YOTK forever. 

You can purchase that shirt for a limited time, until July 16, 2023 at this link. The band has made it clear that "every dime" of profits on the campaign will go to Year Of The Knife.

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