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Attila and Ekoh collaborate on new single, "Mia Goth"

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Lauren Robey

Metalcore band Attila and hip-hop artist Ekoh have recently released a collaborative single titled "Mia Goth." Vocalist Chris Fronzak of Attila says the song came together naturally, with Ekoh contributing a verse that clicked with the rest of the track. The song stems from an admiration for actress Mia Goth and her movies, particularly "Pearl" and "X," leading them to write a song about an attractive but somewhat unstable woman. 

Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak said of the track:

"Mia Goth is a song that was created in a very natural organic way. Once we had the song mapped out we hit up our boy Ekoh to drop a verse. When he ended his line with "Mia goth" everything clicked. We're all huge fans of Mia Goth and her movies, especially Pearl & X. So we figured "hey, let's write a song about a hot girl that's kinda crazy". Pretty relatable if you ask me haha. The song has a fun energetic vibe and captures everything Attila but with a new flare."

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