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Cryptopsy share details on new album, unleash new single


Mihaela Petrescu

Cryptopsy, the Canadian kings of technical death metal, have announced their comeback with their first full-length album in over a decade. Titled As Gomorrah Burns, it is set to release on September 8 via Nuclear Blast Records. The first single, "In Abeyance," has been released along with a music video directed by Chris Kells

Commenting on the impending record, vocalist Matt McGachy says:

"I'm excited to finally unveil 'As Gomorrah Burns.' It's an album that we have been crafting for the past five years. A meticulous endeavor that we are proud of. It's the perfect medley of oldschool Cryptopsy with a few modern twists. We've leaned heavily into the grooves and let some of the riffs breathe just a little more than we have on the past few releases.  I'm really stoked about the new era of Cryptopsy"

McGachy adds about the new single:

"'In Abeyance' is conceptually about feeling isolated while being submerged in a new environment. The hunt for a sense of belonging while mourning a previous life. Musically, it's a slap in the face. It's a banger that appears to be straightforward yet remains ultra complex."

Cryptopsy "As Gomorrah Burns tracklisting:

1. Lascivious Undivine
2. In Abeyance
3. Godless Deceiver
4. Ill Ender
5. Flayed The Swine
6. The Righteous Lost
7. Obeisant
8. Praise The Filth

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