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Nuclear Dudes share "Boss Blades" single ft. Botch vocalist Dave Verellen

Nuclear Dudes

Maria Alcantara

Nuclear Dudes, the solo project led by Jon Weisnewski (Sandrider, Akimbo), has released the official video for "Boss Blades." The track is the title song from Nuclear Dudes' debut full-length album, set to be released on July 7th via Modern Grievance Records. The music combines extreme metal, synth-prog, powerviolence, and industrial noise.

Weisnewski's goal to collaborate with other artists he respects, and this track features Botch frontman Dave Verellen as a guest. The DIY video was created at home with the help of an 8-year-old. The takes unexpected twists and turns, fusing intense grindcore with moments of mysterious brilliance and poignant bleakness.

Says Weisnewski on the track and video:

"Even though Nuclear Dudes is a far-too-indulgent solo experience, I really want to push it into more collaborative territory with other artists that I respect. This album is the first attempt at bringing others in to test the waters with some guest vocalists, and when it comes to screaming on top of loud nonsense, I think Dave Verellen might be the best to ever do it. When I asked him if he'd help on a few tracks, I had no idea the Botch reunion stuff was in the works and very naively thought, 'I bet he doesn't have much going on with music right now?' I'm so pumped it worked out. His growl is so iconic!"
"It may be shocking, but despite the varnished sheen of professional gloss in each and every frame, the video is a completely DIY project that I threw together at home. My art director was an eight-year-old boy who likes to draw weapons."

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