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Within Destruction no longer part of Wage War Canadian/North American tour, citing visa issues

Within Destruction

Earlier this Spring, FL metalcore unit Wage War announced "The Manic Tour 2023" Canadian/North American run along with Zero 9:36, Within Destruction, and Avoid which is scheduled to kick off this week. However, do to unforeseen circumstances with the band's visas, Within Destruction has been forced to drop from the tour.

Within Destruction shared the following post:

Unfortunately, due to delayed US visa processing times, we will not be able to join Wage War on their upcoming Canadian tour. πŸ˜’ Since all our gear, van, merch and production are based in the States, we would have to enter the US prior to going to Canada, which just wouldn't be possible this time…

We want to send over a huge thank you to Wage War and their team for inviting us on this run and hopefully we can do it in the near future. πŸ’–

We are renewing our visas later this month and can't wait to see all of you in August 😘

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