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Disguised Malignance sign to Prosthetic Records

Disguised Malignance

Eero Palmu

Helsinki, Finland's Disguised Malignance announced their signing to Prosthetic Records. Their debut album, Entering the Gateways, is scheduled for release on September 29. To go along with the news, the Finnish death metal group also shared the lead single from the album, titled "Malignant Visions." 

Disguised Malignance's Entering the Gateways tracklisting:

1. Gates to Nihil
2. Confined
3. Unearthly Extinction
4. The Fading Path of Existence
5. Malignant Visions
6. Remanants of Serenity
7. Disengagement into Eternity
8. Beyond (Entering the Gateways)

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anonymous 247 days ago


anonymous 247 days ago

They missed the cheese cue.

anonymous 247 days ago

AILD's Confined >>> Disguised Malignance's Confined.

anonymous 247 days ago

Sweet nod to Obituary's first promo photo.

anonymous 247 days ago

Site has a "van-flip" podcast but deletes comments about van flips

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