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Year Of The Knife involved in accident, vocalist Madi Watkins in critical condition

Year Of The Knife

UPDATE: Vocalist Madi Watkins in stable condition.

Year of the Knife, the well-known hardcore band, was recently involved in a serious car accident. Lead vocalist Madi Watkins is currently in critical condition, while other members of the Delaware group have sustained broken bones and other injuries, but are in stable condition.

The band took to Twitter late last night to share the news with their fans, stating that they were all alive but stranded in Salt Lake City, where they performed the previous night. Guitarist Brandon Watkins later posted on his personal Twitter account, requesting well wishes for Madi and providing updates on their situation.

The band posted:

"We got in a REALLY bad accident. Everyone's alive. We're stuck in SLC"

Guitarist Brandon Watkins shared this update:

 "We're all alive but things aren't good. Please wish Madi well. She needs everything everyone's got right now. Also if you usually talk to Madi feel free to reach out to me instead I'll talk to you and give you updates. Thanks."

According to a recent update shared by Brandon's father on Facebook, Madi is currently in critical condition with major trauma. The injuries sustained by the other band members include broken legs and other trauma. It has been an emotionally challenging time for everyone involved.

The post read:

Family and friends, Our son (Brandon), our daughter in law (Madi) and their two "Year of the Knife" band mates, Andy and Aaron, were touring out west and were involved in a terrible accident after a show in Salt Lake City,UT. It's been a heart wrenching time for all families involved. Brandon was concussed, but is miraculously ok. Aaron and Andy both sustained broken legs and other trauma...but are stable now and recovering. Madi is in critical condition with major trauma. Please keep her in your prayers. No tickets were available to fly out today or tomorrow. So, we will be going out to Salt Lake on Saturday to help with whatever comes next.

Our hearts go out to Year of the Knife and their families during this difficult time. We hope for Madi's swift recovery and wish all the band members a speedy healing process. Stay tuned to the band's social media accounts for updates. 

UPDATE: Photos of the accident have been shared by TownLift Park City News:

UPDATE: A GoFundMe has been launched in support of Year Of The Knife. 

"Hi, we are raising funds for our friends Madi, Brandon, Andy and Aaron who are band members in Year of the Knife. Last night, the band was driving from SLC to Colorado Springs when they collided with an 18-wheeler. Andy & Aaron both sustained broken legs and other trauma. Brandon is concussed. Madi is in critical condition with head and spinal injuries and a few broken bones.

As we wait for additional information on their conditions, we are doing the best we can to alleviate any stress possible. As you can assume, their touring van is totaled. The van also doubles as Madi and B's sole vehicle so this will impact them in more ways than just touring. Madi and B also run their brand, Candy Corpse, that will continue to fulfill orders but other aspects may be halted for the foreseeable future.

Due to these awful circumstance, we unfortunately have to think of the financial burden this will place on our friends. If you are able to help in any way, we all greatly appreciate it. We ask that you please share with your family and friends, and please send the 4 of them all the positive thoughts, energy, prayers, anything.

We are so thankful that everyone is alive, but there is a long road ahead of them for recovery. Please consider donating to help with their medical bills and to keep them afoot while they are stuck in SLC. Thank you in advance."

You can make a donation here.

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