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Slipknot's Clown to take the remaining month off due to wife's health

Clown (Slipknot)

In an announcement shared on Slipknot's official Twitter account, Shawn "Clown" Crahan, the band's percussionist, revealed that he will be absent from the remaining June tour dates.

This decision stems from his wife's medical situation, which requires his presence at home. Although Crahan had previously departed from the European tour earlier this month, he managed to return in time to headline the Sunday of Download Festival. However, in light of the circumstances, he states that he will be taking a break from the road until July. Slipknot fans can anticipate his return after this period of absence.

Crahan's statement read:

Unfortunately, I had to return back home to be with my wife due to her medical situation," reads the statement. "Thank you for the overwhelming support for the few shows I was able to make. I'm so sorry for missing the remainder of these shows, I was really looking forward to being there. As always, I'm so gracious for your overwhelming support for our family. I will be seeing you all at our shows in July. See you soon and hail Slipknot.

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