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Movements showcase new single "Tightrope" from upcoming album


Anthony Purcella

Southern Californian post-hardcore outfit Movements have recently announced their upcoming album release of RUCKUS! on August 18 through Fearless Records. Produced by Will Yip (Circa Survive, Code Orange), the album sees the band exploring different sonic territories after gaining success with their previous album No Good Left to Give.

The forthcoming album features a fusion of punk, pop, and post-hardcore influences resulting in a unique and unpredictable sound. The band latest single release, "Tightrope," showcases a more dynamic and melancholic side to the mostly high-energy band's repertoire.

The music video for "Tightrope" has been released in conjunction with the single and can be watched below now. Fans of Movements will find some familiarity in the latest single while experiencing something fresh and different. 

Vocalist Patrick Miranda explains:

 "'Tightrope,' in some ways, can be seen as the furthest departure we've taken from our sound thus far. It lives in a sort of 'sonic in-between' of alternative rock, emo, and ballad pop yet there's still a familiarity that rings true to Movements' bread and butter. We pulled inspiration from all over the place on this one —Justin Bieber-esque pop melodies, Snow Patrol ballad-y instrumentals, and even some drum 'n' bass style breakbeats. It's a weird mashup of shit that ended up turning into something really beautiful. At the end of the day, we're a band whose most popular song is a soft singalong. We're hoping 'Tightrope' might finally be the song to take its place at the top."

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