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Clutch share a trio of brand new singles

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Sunrise On Slaughter Beach is the latest 7" set from Clutch, and it features three new tracks, which are available digitally as well, "Arts & Crafts", "Boogeyman Blues", and "Railroad Daises" 

Of the first track, "Boogeyman Blues," Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon said:

"'Boogeyman Blues' supposes that one day, the sheep will have had enough of the wolf and decide not to put up with any more of his shit."

Jean-Paul Gaster, the band's drummer, stated:

"'Boogeyman Blues' was one of the first ideas that came together during our SOSB writing sessions. The song started with Dan's 8th note groove. I played a simple four on the floor beat and right away we had the foundation for a great tune. While there are a few twists and turns along the way, this one mostly rocks! I look forward to putting it in the live show."

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