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Godflesh share new single from upcoming album

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Official press release:

Godflesh share new track "LAND LORD" from their forthcoming album, PURGE. It's a track which spirals out in pent-up rage from the first second, distorting and mutating 90's drum and bass through the Godflesh filter.

Justin Broaddrick shared the following about the single:

LAND LORD references ownership, entitlement and the objectification of human beings, as practised by almost anyone who wields power.

Pre-order PURGE from Avalanche Records here.

With the highly anticipated new album PURGE, Godflesh brings a whole host of new dirges and laments. Amongst the many layers of dirt, PURGE mangles 90s hip hop grooves and puts them through the Godflesh filter to create something futuristic in style - and utterly unique.

Both minimal and maximal, Godflesh deliver alien grooves that swing whilst also retaining the psychedelic, bad trip edge with layer upon layer of filth and heaviness - that Godflesh have always been known for. This is, and always has been, feel-bad music.

The title alone - PURGE - references directly how songwriter and creator Justin K. Broadrick utilizes Godflesh's music as a temporary relief from his diagnosed autism and PTSD. It's the next stage in a journey he has been on since he began creating music, feeling alone and like an outsider in any scene or group, from childhood through to adulthood.

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