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Rammstein deny drugging allegations levied against them online

Till Lindemann (Rammstein)

German industrial metal band Rammstein have responded to a serious allegation from a fan who claimed to have been drugged at a party attended by lead singer Till Lindemann before the band's concert in Vilnius, Lithuania. In a Twitter thread, the fan, named Shelby Lynn, detailed her claims of having her drinks spiked at a "pre-party" held at Vingis Park in the Lithuanian capital on May 22, 2023. The allegations left her physically bruised and vomiting for more than 24 hours. Lynn also claimed that she refused to have sex with Lindemann in a room below the stage during the show's intermission, resulting in an angry outburst from the singer.

To respond to these allegations, the band took to social media and issued a statement in which they denied any knowledge of the events taking place within their environment. They also stated that they were not aware of any official investigations into the matter.

The band shared:

"With regard to the allegations circulating on the internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment.

We are not aware of any official investigations into this"

Lynn claims that drummer Joe Letz, who plays with Lindemann's side-project, had invited her to the party. She further alleges that after consuming a cocktail mix consisting of "small Red Bull/vodka and a Prosecco" and a shot of Tequila, she started to feel like a "human zombie". She claims that she was taken to meet the singer beneath the stage during the show's intermission, where she told him she wouldn't have sex with him, leading to his angry departure. 

She went on to describe her experience of the rest of the evening, including her memory loss and vomiting. Additionally, she revealed that upon returning to her hotel, she discovered that she had physical bruises and posted photographs as evidence. Lynn also claimed to have suffered from hallucinations and other after-effects of the alleged drugging for more than 24 hours. However, she did not specify who she suspects of drugging her.

No police charges have been filed at the time of writing and the band has denied the allegations. 


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